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Sri Lanka

Upon your arrival on Sri Lankan soil, the Airport Hostel provides much needed accommodation to help you rejuvenate from your journey and also sets the stage to explore and experience the Western region of the island.

  1. stretches near the area behind the Airport Hostels. The tour will start from the Dutch Canal in Negombo. You will see the traditional style of fishing using fishing nets from colorful catamarans and outrigger canoes. The lagoon is renowned for its crabs and prawns. Your journey will then lead you through the Muthurajawela Marsh, the island’s largest saline wetland. Keep your cameras at hand because here you will see countless species of birds, monkeys, crocodiles and other forms of wildlife from your boat. September to April happen to be seasonal times.
  2. Village tours – Airport Hostels’ primary excursion is the Kochchikade Village Tour. We’re proud to say that no one else offers the same experience in the region. You commence the tour with a stroll through an authentic Sri Lankan village where you will see a coconut oil factory. You will also see how local arrack (toddy) is harvested and also the traditional rope walk across from the top one palm tree to another. Another attraction is the local brick and tile manufacturing processes. This is followed by a 100% Sri Lankan lunch prepared traditionally atop a fire. We then head back to the Hostel where you can kick back, Sri Lankan style, and relax with some toddy.
  3.  Local places of worship & Dutch Fort – Negombo is popular country-wide for its churches, including the famous St. Mary’s Church which boasts numerous ceiling paintings. With many of the locals having converted to Catholicism, it is no wonder that the city is known as “Little Rome”. Venturing towards the East of the town, you will come across Angurukaaramulla Temple, home to a 6m-long reclining Buddha. The ruins of the Dutch Fort close to the seafront near the lagoon are a sight to behold. The date inscribed on the gateway is 1678. The fort grounds are currently occupied by the town’s prison, so a petty crime will allow you to take a peek inside! It is very fascinating to see that some of these ancient Dutch buildings are still is use by local businesses.

With Airport Hostels being located within close proximity to all the action of Negombo town, what better place to call “home” during your holiday in Sri Lanka?!