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Sri Lanka

Ella is located about 200 km to the east of Colombo. The town’s 1,041m elevation sets the stage for an invigorating climate and awe-inspiring scenery no matter where you look.

While the town is great for a relaxing holiday, if you’re feeling adventurous, you just might take a bigger bite out of the Ella experience. With plenty of hills and mountains, trekking and mountain biking are the best ways to enjoy all what the town has to offer.

One of the salient features of Ella is the “Ella Gap”, an enormous and spectacular gap in the mountain range to the south. The almost 1,000m drop reveals a postcard worthy view of the southern plains, and sometimes, the ocean.

If you’re a fan of trekking, you’re in for a treat. Little Adam’s Peak and the Ella Rock make for a fantastic expedition and showcase extraordinary views.

Another highlight of Ella is the world famous Nine Arch Bridge built in 1921. It is, hands down, the most iconic bridge in Sri Lanka and is a prime example of British influence in the country. It connects Demodara and Ella, and is also known as the Bridge in the Sky.

Some of the other interesting attractions are the Ravana Falls and the Ravana Cave, where, according to Hindu mythology, the demon King Ravana is said to have hidden Sita upon kidnapping her from India.